School Information

Applying for a Place

Gunness & Burringham Pre-School is extremely popular but we only have a limited number of child places. If you would like your child to attend we advise you apply for a place as soon as possible, to apply now call Laura on 01724 784942.


  • Monday to Friday
    8:50am – 3:20pm.

  • Hours must be contracted prior to commencement.

  • Our term dates for 2018/19 are as follows:

Autumn Term: Tuesday 04 September 2018 – Friday 19 October 2018.
Autumn Term: Tuesday 30 October 2018 – Thursday 20 December 2018.
Spring Term: Monday 07 January 2019 – Friday 15 February 2019.
Spring Term: Monday 25 February 2019 – Friday 05 April 2019.
Summer Term: Tuesday 23 April 2019 – Friday 24 May 2019.
Summer Term: Monday 03 June 2019 – Friday 19 July 2019.

Extra Sessions

Extra sessions are available on request. Call Laura on 01724 784942

Fees and Payment

Session fees are £12.00 per 3 hour session. Parents must provide their child with a pack up if they are staying all day. An invoice for contracted hours is issued at the beginning of each term and must be paid in full within 14 days. If fees are more than two weeks in arrears the management has the right to withdraw your child’s pre-school place.

Please make payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. (Details can be obtained from the management).

You will still be invoiced for sessions missed due to illness, holiday or other reasons.

If you are having trouble making payment please speak to Laura on 01724 784942.

Getting Help with Childcare Costs

Your child may be entitled to 2 year funding for up to 15 hours if you fit within the eligible criteria for more information ring Family Information Services (01724) 296629 or visit the North Lincolnshire Council Website.

There are a few ways you can receive financial help with childcare costs:

  • All three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education for 38 weeks a year. Please discuss this with Laura or Sue if you feel your child is eligible.

  • If you are a working parent you may be entitled to extra tax credits to help with childcare costs.

  • Your employer can use a childcare voucher scheme so you don’t pay tax and national insurance for the part of your salary used to pay for childcare costs. Gunness & Burringham Pre-School accept various childcare vouchers, and can register for other schemes if required. Click here for further details about getting help with childcare costs.

We offer places for 30 hour funded children. To check eligibility please visit or speak to management for more information.

Late Collection

The standard hourly fee will be imposed for the late collection of your child. In addition, a £5 per fine will be imposed for late collection.

Illness and Exclusion

Please notify Gunness & Burringham Pre-School of any illnesses as soon as possible on 01724 784942.

Clothing and Footwear

We advise you put name tags on the clothes and footwear your child wears to pre-school.

Please do not send your child in their best clothes to come to pre-school. Despite our best efforts, children do have a habit of getting paint and glue on their clothing!

A change of clothing should remain in your child’s bag.

If your child arrives in wellington boots please bring some appropriate footwear for them to change into before going into the setting.

Personal Items and Toys

Please do not bring in personal items and toys because it is likely they will become lost amongst our own extensive collection! However, toys and other items for the ‘show and tell’ box are permissible and will remain separate from our own.

If your child has a comfort item or toy they insist on bringing to pre-school, it can be left in their school bag.

Eating & Drinking

During the morning & afternoon session your child will be offered a drink of milk or water and a healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, breadsticks, etc.

Lunch is not provided and you are expected to supply your child with healthy food and drink for full day.

Please clearly label your child’s lunch box and drink container with their name. On arrival these should be placed on the dinner trolley just in the pre-school building.

Please advise us in writing about food allergies and strong dislikes your child may have.

Sun Care

Please provide a sun hat and sun cream with your child’s name on during every session your child attends. On sunny days we are unable to allow your child into the outside area without them – even during the autumn when the sun can still be strong.

Sun hats and sun cream should remain in your child’s school bag.

Mapping and Sharing Booklet

Throughout your child’s attendance at pre-school their key person completes a Progress Book. This is a record of your child’s progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and contains photographs and practical work your child has completed. Each term you will be presented with the book which we encourage you to make a comment in the space provided.

If you do not want us to take photographs of your child for inclusion in the book, please let us know in writing.

The book will be given to you when your child leaves pre-school to go to primary school.

Show and Tell

Each session children will have the opportunity to talk about something special they have brought in from home. Please place items in the show and tell box on the welcome table when you sign you child in. Items will be returned at the end of the session.

Parent Involvement

There are several ways you can become involved at Gunness & Burringham Pre-School.

Drop in and play sessions, parent meetings and parents can access our Facebook page.

Gunness and Burringham Primary School

We are based in Gunness and Burringham Primary School. Information about the school can be found at